Western Oceanic Consultants was created  to offer a personalised marine  consultancy to  clients facing significant technical risk associated with high risk activities within the  energy sector, in particular offshore oil and gas exploration and production.

A core management team complemented by a global network of recognized subject matter experts are strategically located around the world and can quickly be mobilized as required and provide a round the clock service.

Through our relationship with specialists in many fields we are able to provide a range of services without the need to support a high overhead burden.

Our team has  many years experience at senior level in the same business and are known and trusted within the industry.  All have demonstrated high levels of ethical behaviour.

Our technical advisory service focuses on risk management and reduction from the pre- planning stage through to the successful completion of the project.

Western Oceanic Consultants manages  high risk marine operations safely

Western Oceanic Consultants manages  high risk marine operations safely

We bring a practical approach to challenging situations. These can include complex marine transportation operations (such as rig moving and pilotage), logistics, loss control and risk management of complex operations. 

Our clients are major International organisations who rightly insist on the highest levels of competence, flexibility, effort and professional ethics.